If you want to consistently give great political speeches that inspire the confidence of voters, you have to be authentic, prepared to talk about the issues and able to convey your values and qualifications through stories that make a lasting impression.

VRL’s online webinar series for women in politics includes a host of resources that delve deeper into this topic. Each of these VRL Live! Replays contains winning communication strategies from experts and women politicians who have successfully run for office.

Get The Most Out Of Every Political Speech

Watch VRL Live! Replay: Your Stump Speech to learn how to write your stump speech and build your personal brand. Whether you’re giving a formal campaign speech, fielding questions during a public forum or knocking on doors, this webinar will help you discover a speaking strategy that works in every situation.

Storytelling & Debating Tips

Want to know how to really connect with voters in a debate or forum? Watch VRL Live! Replay: How To Rock Your Debate. You’ll receive great advice on how to win over the public with stories that demonstrate why you’re the qualified, knowledgeable, passionate leader who deserves their vote.

How To Stay Positive & On Message At All Times

The old adage “the best defense is good offense,” applies in politics as well. To learn how to rise above personal attacks, remain positive and keep the focus on your campaign message, watch both of these standout webinars:

You’ll hear how other women leaders overcame sexism, stereotypes and negative politics and turned perceived weaknesses into their greatest strengths!