Am I qualified to run for office?

If you are a U.S. citizen, you are qualified to run for office. You don’t need to have been born in America (except for POTUS), any specific educational background or previous political experience.

What if I don’t know anyone who can donate to my campaign?

Everyone’s network is rich with resources: talented peers, supportive family, and yes, even some folks who can give you money. You’ll be surprised by the power of your personal networks once you start mapping it out!

Can I keep my job and run for office? Or serve?

Yes! Most local offices are part-time and only require weekly or monthly evening meetings. In most state legislatures you’ll be at the Capitol five days a week for a few months, usually January – April. We’ll show you women who’ve made it work, too.

Do I have to join a political party?

Parties have support structures and resources that will help your campaign, yet many seats are non-partisan. Folks can run on two party lines at the same time or claim independence. It’s your choice.

What if I have a less than perfect record?

Overcoming setbacks and continuing to persevere are great qualities in a leader, so share your story. Voters look for relatable candidates. Own your history and speak from a place of strength.

What office can I run for?

You can run for any office in the area that you live. To find your offices, take our “What Office Should I Run For” web class, or try Ballotpedia or your local boards of elections. Boards and commissions can be found this way, too. Parties and local politicos can tell you who is retiring, who is vulnerable in the next election, and upcoming open seats. Work to understand who represents you at every level.

I missed a class or I want to go back and watch it again. Where can I find it?

No problem. All of our web classes can be found on the Resource Page. You can also search our library of resources by topic.

How can I stay connected and find other women like me?

VoteRunLead has a vibrant community of women just like you in our Facebook Alum Group. Asked to be invited and we’ll confirm you. Or you can attend one of our upcoming events to meet women in person.