GOTV stands for Getting Out The Vote for voter participation, and it is the very basis of our democracy. We want everyone’s voice heard and that begins by voting. We walk you through exactly how to execute a creative and strategic GOTV plan for your campaign. As a leader in your community, it’s your duty to find out how you can register new voters and inspire new people to the polls. It’s important to get people not only voting for you, but involved in the political process and becoming part of our democracy. You have the ability to turn everyday citizens in to lifelong political participants who never miss their day at the poll. Voter registration is an opportunity to create a great relationship.

This free VRL Live Replay kit includes the 60 minute recording with Community Engagement Specialist Ilhan Omar with Q&A and a downloadable copy of Ilhan’s presentation deck. Download the entire Getting out the vote: Voter registration and mobilization web clinic presentation deck for your own reference!

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Meet Your Speaker

Ilhan Omar

Ilhan OmarIlhan Omar is a community engagement specialist, currently works as a Sr. Policy Aide for Minneapolis Council Member Andrew Johnson. Inspired by civil rights advocates, she has spent the last decade organizing around issues like education, health, political access, immigrants’ rights and women’s rights. In 2012 she helped establish a New Americans PAC, which has been instrumental in convening constituents with their representatives, creating state policy initiatives, political candidate recruitment and in successfully organizing against the photo ID amendment.