Successful political communication means being prepared.

The most common questions are about you – why you are the right person for the job and why you are running – and about your opponent – what sets you apart from them.

Do your research! You should never be surprised. Look at your opponent’s positions and learn how they came to them. Know weaknesses in the arguments – your opponent’s and your own.

Candidates who have used the message box tool report greater success and confidence in working with the media.

And, since, media is one of the greatest tools you have to get your message to the voters, use it to your advantage! Reporters are more likely to refer to you and call if they know you will provide a succinct and clear message.

Practice by using the Message Box Worksheet and, if possible, get a debate coach or debater on your team to help with research and in presentation. Then consider working through the Message Box worksheet.

For those of you who are going to face the media, join VRL Live! to glean unique insight experts and their years of experience behind the camera and as an interviewer.

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