Give it a try. Put down three key messages.

Make sure your messages reflect not only the things you care about, but the issues your audience or community care about. Who are you trying to sway? What is their primary concern?

Now, test it against the 7 C’s

The basics: At the heart of any effective messaging is the 7 C’s checklist.

  1. Clear: Is it easy for folks to understand and interpret.
  2. Concise: Are you saying a lot with a little. Be brief but comprehensive.
  3. Credible: It’s believable. It’s likely. Possibly backed up by fact.
  4. Compelling: You are convincing in a powerful, plausible way.
  5. Connected: Does it resonate with your audience and your overall race.
  6. Consistent: Don’t deviate from other messages or contradict yourself.
  7. Creative: Include language that evokes an image. Inspiring!

Get prepared to communicate powerful campaign messages. Download this worksheet.

Feel like you’re ready to start to put the 7 C’s in to action? Watch our VRL Live Webinar Replay: Working with the Media, for advice, tools, and tips on how to work with the media to get your campaign message out.

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