Tishaura Jones has an impressive bio as an elected official. She was sworn in as Treasurer of the City of St. Louis on January 1, 2013. She is the first woman to hold the office in the history of St. Louis and is the chief investment and cash management officer of the city. Prior to becoming Treasurer, Tishaura was a Missouri State Representative from 2008-2012 and was the first African American and first female Assistant Minority Floor Leader. During her tenure, she was a strong advocate for education, women’s reproductive rights, women’s healthcare, and economic development.

But perhaps the most important part of her bio is this one, simple line: Tishaura is the proud mother of her son Aden.

Right before she became a State Representative, she had her son. And even though, for a short time, she saw this as a deterrent, her friends convinced her otherwise. In other words, a woman can have a small child and be active politically.


Having her son was life changing — especially since his birth coincided with being elected to the State Legislature. Not only that, it changed her view on her purpose as an elected official. She is committed to changing the world for him and for children like him.

What do you believe your purpose as a leader should be?

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