Happy Monday, VoteRunLead Nation. It’s time to get serious about what it takes to run for office and what to expect when you’re on the campagin trail. So to kick off your week, we’re sharing our top tips on campaigning from Faith Winter, VoteRunLead Training Coordinator and Colorado State Representative.

Watch Faith’s one-minute video:

Faith’s Top Tips for Women Running for Office:

1. Do a lot of door-knocking and be authentic!

Door knocking connects you to your community, and is the best part about campaigning. Not only is a great way to get precious face-time with people, it’s a great way to get out the vote (GOTV)! Check out our VRL Live Webinar Replays on GOTV Planning and GOTV Voter Registration & Mobilization  to learn insider tactics on how to turn door-knocking into votes!

2. Fundraising inspires people.

Faith reminds us that, when it comes to fundraising, always remember that you are inspiring people and giving them the opportunity to be part of something bigger. You’re giving them the chance to be part of the change you are working to create for your community. This is a great way to let folks know you’re thinking of them, and that you also want them to be part of your campaign. If you need some help getting started with fundraising, take a look at our Fundraising 101 VRL Live Webinar Replay, or login and browse our complete resource library on political fundraising.

3.  You don’t need tough skin to run for politics.


It’s because of your passion and because you actually feel things for your community that makes you a good candidate. And, feeling things means you’re going to stand up and fight for what’s right. So you don’t need tough skin, you just need resilient skin.

Need help campaigning? Download our Campaign Plan Overview workbook.


The Campaign Plan Overview, broken up in three parts, will help you to think about the “big picture.” Lots of details will go into your plan, but this will help you organize what it takes to run a campaign.

Our motto is, “Plan the Work. Work the Plan.” Whether it’s 5 years or 5 months (or even 5 weeks), this timeline will help you create a great campaign plan. Remember. If it’s not written down, it’s not a plan.