In this 90 minute web class, we challenge you to take 30 political actions in 90 days, accelerating the growth of your political networks and know-how. In Part 2 of our “Run As You Are” web series, you will map your next steps, make a real plan to get to know your political community, find the best office to run for, and get connected to thousands of other women also taking the Run As You Are challenge!

Download the 90 Day Challenge Deck

Don’t have time to watch the whole session, or looking for a run down of main points? Check out our 30 Political Actions That Will Kick Start Your Run For Office worksheet!

This is part of a three part series. Take one class or the experience the full series.

Part 1: Why the Skills You Have are Perfect for Political Office

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2) Watch Part 3: Your 2 Year Campaign 

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