We’re taking a look at the role of County Commissioner and other county level offices. Could this be the office for you? Our 3 presenters gave insights into what to expect when running for County Offices, how they are using the office to impact their community, and how to get involved at county level.

What is a County Commission?

A county commission is a group of elected officials charged with administering the county government in some states of the United States. County policies will have an impact on the lives of its citizens, and for that reason those citizens expect county commissioners to influence the direction of county government. The board of commissioners is the oldest form of county government in America.

Our presenters:

  • Sheila Stubbs, District 23 Supervisor, Dane County, WI.
  • Treasurer Brigitte Grimm, Adams County, CO.
  • Crestina Martinez, Former County Commissioner, San Luis Valley, CO.