Sustainability in our food system is an issue at the local, national and international level. This guided web clinic will introduce you to three women who are making the food system more sustainable, and find out what they would do differently if they had it to do all over again!

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Meet Your Speakers

Faith Winter, Colorado State Representative

faithwinterFaith Winter is a Colorado State Representative for House District 35, taking office just this year.  In 2012 Winter was named one of the up and coming women leaders to watch by the Denver Post.  Winter loves organizing because she believes the best way to create change is by building power through people.  She has fun doing it, because a job isn’t worth doing unless you laugh once in a while.

Irit Tamir, Oxfam America

Irit TamirIrit Tamir is the Senior Campaigns and Advocacy Advisor for Oxfam America’s Private Sector Department. In her role, she is focused on working with companies to ensure that their business practices result in positive social and environmental impacts for vulnerable communities throughout the world. Most recently, her work has been focused on the food and beverage industry and advocating for better policies and practices.

Stefani Millie Grant, Unilever

Stefani Millie GrantStefani Millie Grant is the Manager, External Affairs for Unilever, a food and personal care products manufacturing company. Ms. Grant works with elected officials and NGO’s on Unilever’s sustainability efforts and promoting the company’s Sustainable Living Plan, with a focus on agricultural commodities.