One of the hardest things to do as a candidate is answer “Why are you running for office.” But it is a question you must answer every day whether in a formal speech setting or an informal setting. Learn how to write your stump speech, build your brand and convey your values to voters. Campaigns that strategically think about to whom the candidate is speaking, and when, get the most value out of political speeches. So how should candidates plan their speeches throughout a campaign? We’ll help guide you through a speaking strategy that works!

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Don’t forget these stump speech resource companions!

We want to make sure you have all the tools you need to be positioned for success. That’s why we have quite a few different resources to go along with this guided webinar. These are all PDFs, so make sure you have some sort of PDF reader. We like Adobe PDF

  • First up is the sample stump speech download by Colorado State Representative Faith Winter (and VRL Alum!). But you get more than just a document with words. This sample stump speech is jam-packed full of actionable advice call-outs on what makes it a winner. Get your copy of Representative Winter’s winning stump speech with notes here. Trouble downloading? Try right-clicking on the link and “save link as.”


  • Before you do go any further, you HAVE to download our stump speech worksheet. If writing things down is your thing then you can print this out. A digital gal? This is an editable PDF, so you can just type directly in worksheet. This three page document walks you through your entire speech from start to finish, areas to improve, what worked, what didn’t, and a section for some personal notes of your own.


  • And finally, because getting you everything you need to succeed is the whole point of our core curriculum, you can download the ENTIRE DECK for free. Just click here or the image below to download the PDF.


Other references:

We talk about some great reference to check out on your journey to crafting the perfect stump speech and positioning yourself as the best leader out there. Here’s a few of our favorites for this topic: