Likability and Respect are top of mind for women candidates. Watch here for the latest research on how to succeed on the campaign trail with Pro Tips for every woman leader with Barbara Lee Program Associate, Jenny Lau.

Learn about:

  • Obstacles that women candidates and officeholders face
  • Decoding “likeability”, what photos and phrases work best when campaigning
  • How to establish your credentials, rebound from your mistakes, and contrast with your opponent

Click HERE for the Heidi Heitkamp video Jenny references in the webclinic.

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Meet Your Speaker

Jenny Lau supports the Barbara Lee Family Foundation’s mission to advance women’s representation in American politics through research support and correspondence with grant seekers and recipients. Prior to joining the Foundation team, Jenny was the Civic Action and Worker Center Organizer at the Chinese Progressive Association, a grassroots community group where she organized immigrant workers around workplace issues and engaged voters through several targeted campaigns. She also previously served as the Activist Fellow at the Asian American Resource Workshop and as an inaugural Massachusetts State House Fellow for the Asian American Women’s Political Initiative. Jenny is a Core Trainer for the Activist Training Institute, a leadership development and training program for Asian American activists. Jenny earned a Bachelor’s degree in American studies and community health from Tufts University. She was a 2012-2013 Community Fellow at Boston University’s Institute for Nonprofit Management and Leadership.