1. Don’t Dial for Dollars Alone. You need a volunteer or staffer to sit next to you to track what’s happening and keep notes. They also help make sure you actually stay on task and don’t procrastinate.

2. Make sure there’s a commitment from the donor before you hang up: yes, no or otherwise!

3. Only ask questions for which you are really interested in the answer. If you simply want $, just ask for it rather than asking their opinions.

4. Thank you notes and/or emails need to go out within 24 hours – whether they gave or not. Quick tip: Take an extra 30 seconds and write the hand-written thank you notes to top donors immediately after hanging up the phone. Your volunteer or staffer can get it in the envelope and in the mail for you.

5. Make sure someone follows up to get the money, especially if you didn’t get a credit card number while on the phone. If they say they will donate online, get an email address (or confirm the one you have on file) and send the link to them right away! Your volunteer/staffer can get it ready to go for you while you are on to the next call.

6. Always ask donors in your district for their vote, whether or not they gave, and share the date of Election Day!