I know what you’re thinking: “Another Election Day post?!”  Don’t worry, this one won’t suck the life out of you. 

Yes, it’s true that Election Day 2014 is right around the corner on November 4th. And yes, we are here to remind you to VOTE — it is the first part of our name, after all.

If you’re in one of the 33 states that has early voting please ROCK YOUR VOTE NOW!
But it doesn’t stop there, friends, oh no. It doesn’t stop there. We’ve put together five … uh… unconventional ways for you to share and help motivate everyone you know to follow your voting example. You’re such a responsible leader. We’re so proud.

1. Beyonce Voters?

We couldn’t help it. This hilarious Beyonce-inspired “make-up tutorial” about why ladies should vote motivates us every time. Email this to five young women in your life to get them to the polls. (It feels so good to be slapped in the face with rhetoric by a condescending politician).

2. Even Lil’ Jon is doing it.

Rock the Vote’s TurnOutforWhat is mishmash of celebrities and their reasons for voting. Find your reason and vote on it! Then share it on Facebook! Your friends will be humming it all the way to the the voting booth!

3. #ScaryPolitics

If the low number of women, and women-of-color, scares you as much as it scares us, tweet this:
Click to Tweet: 
Women of color represent less than 5% of Congress. Who’s representing YOU?? #ScaryPolitics http://ctt.ec/I4GVD+
Women of color = 4.5% of Congress. #ScaryPolitics
Click to TweetNeed a #Halloween Fright? Be forced to follow policies created by people who don’t even represent you. #ScaryPolitics http://ctt.ec/hqlde+
Women are 51% of the population but only 18.5% of Congress. #ScaryPolitics

4. Where’s My F*cking Polling Place

Whoa! This nicely sums up our frustration about where to vote while providing Google Maps-backed location finders to get to your polling place. Make sure everyone in your network has this link …and the subject line will get you noticed!


5. Send them to the Galaxy 

For those who still need to do a little research, go to Project VoteSmart’s Political Galaxy and look up every politician and their views.


See, that wasn’t so bad! Help us with heavy lifting of getting out the vote next Tuesday and share this post on Facebook & Twitter.


When it’s all done, you can say it loud & say it proud:


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