Women of Color

From Protester to Politician

Be inspired by VRL Alum, Rep. Jocasta Zamarripa and learn how she made her transition to power, how she keeps her connections to the activist community while in the legislature, and continues to break barriers as first Latina elected to the Wisconsin State Assembly. Then get next steps with Erin Vilardi.

Representative JoCasta Zamarripa | A Voice for Women, Latinos, and the LGBT Community

In November of 2010, Representative JoCasta Zamarripa made history by becoming the first Latina to be elected to the Wisconsin Legislature. Getting elected secured a voice not only for women but for the Latino community — the fastest growing community across the…


#BlackLivesMatter is the political movement of our time. From confronting Presidential candidates to the Ferguson Commission, learn what’s happening from women on the front lines.

Monday Motivation with Tishaura Jones: A woman can have a small child and be active politically.

Tishaura Jones has an impressive bio as an elected official. She was sworn in as Treasurer of the City of St. Louis on January 1, 2013. She is the first woman to hold the office in the history of St. Louis and…


Join us as Black women lead a conversation on The Status of Black Women in American Politics.

Dr. LG Flowers and Shewa Dedeke
Monday Motivation – My Thoughts on Self Care by Shewa Dedeke

Emotional. Powerful. Necessary. These are the three words that immediately came to my mind as I left the African Development Center, where VoteRunLead hosted the Self-Care & Leadership Training with Dr. LG Shanklin-Flowers. When I first met with Liz Johnson, I felt…

Ins & Outs of Local Government: County Commissioners

We're taking a look at the role of County Commissioner and other county level offices. Our 3 presenters gave insights into what to expect when running for County Offices, how they are using the office to impact their community, and how to get involved at county level.

5 VRL Women Leaders in Action

We’ve been calling and talking with our alums all across VRL Nation to catch up about their leadership. In these conversations we’re struck by the number of women who are doing something intentional to support other women through efforts as policy advocates, elected officials, campaign…

How to Create a Support System When you Run for Office

Latina's are incredibly powerful with vast, diverse networks and deep roots in their communities. This web clinic walks you through how to turn your social and professional networks into support systems when you run for office. You’ll be surprised by the resources you already have.

Latinas Who Are Governing and Campaigning for Higher Office

Aimed at current elected officials or community leaders who are ready for more, this session walks you through the difference between campaigning and governing and how to serve one position well, while you seek another.