Big 4 E-Book: The Ins & Outs of Local Government

The 2nd* most frequent question we get at VoteRunLead is about the elected office itself. With our busy lives and lack of civics in schools, we find ourselves in the dark about what local government / local elected offices actually do everyday. Generally, what spurs women to become involved…

How to Host a Great House Party for Campaign Fundraising

VRL’s Training Coordinator and Colorado State Representative Faith Winter, knows how to throw a party — a fundraising house party! Learn the ins and outs of getting people in the door, hitting your fundraising goals, getting press, and creating community among your donors.

Campaign Fundraising 101

Feel a little overwhelmed at the idea of fundraising? Stephanie Berger helps you craft your budget, identify donors, and learn how to ask for money.

VRLs 6 Tips for Successful Fundraising Call Time

Here you'll find tips to have successful fundraising calls.

How to Dial for Dollars – Sample Script

Learn the three-part process of dialing for dollars with this free sample call script! Learn how to create a candidate fundraising call script Access sample text/script Download the complete How to Dial for Dollars Worksheet Dialing for dollars is as simple as ABC: A.

Fund Your Revolution

More than anything else, realizing you are valuable and worthy of other people’s support – their time, money and energy – will calm those fundraising jitters. It will also make you more attractive as a candidate. The confidence you have in your ideas and your…

VRL’S 5 Circles of Donors

It helps to think of your fundraising networks as circles – a constantly expanding set of people who have an interest in seeing you elected to office. Work Your Circles. Campaign fundraising is all about tapping your networks to financially support your political vision.  Start…

Creating and Keeping Your List

In our workshops, VoteRunLead trainers ask participants to take out a blank piece of paper and, for 5 short minutes, write down as many names and donations ask amounts they can possibly think up. For most of us, we are pleasantly surprised at the depth…