What To Run For

A Day In the Life: City Council Role and Responsibilities

Curious about City Council, but not really sure what to expect? We’ll walk you through the roles and responsibilities for a member of City Council to find out what the job is really like and how to impact your community by serving at the city level. You’ll hear from three amazing women who share their experiences runni

Facts About the Office: School Politics at the State Level

If you are interested in creating educational opportunities for millions of young people and setting an agenda with smart guidelines for what gets taught to our children, then learn about School Politics at the State Level with women who are tackling these issues right now.

Big 4 E-Book: The Ins & Outs of Local Government

The 2nd* most frequent question we get at VoteRunLead is about the elected office itself. With our busy lives and lack of civics in schools, we find ourselves in the dark about what local government / local elected offices actually do everyday. Generally, what spurs women to become involved…

Ins & Outs of Local Government: County Commissioners

We're taking a look at the role of County Commissioner and other county level offices. Our 3 presenters gave insights into what to expect when running for County Offices, how they are using the office to impact their community, and how to get involved at county level.

Ins & Outs of Local Government: School Boards

Learn about the main responsibilities of a School Board, the different types, and the time commitments of this office.

5 VRL Women Leaders in Action

We’ve been calling and talking with our alums all across VRL Nation to catch up about their leadership. In these conversations we’re struck by the number of women who are doing something intentional to support other women through efforts as policy advocates, elected officials, campaign…

State Legislature: What Happens at the State Level?

Hear from female lawmakers about how they influence policy , engage with constituents and colleagues, and propose bills that change the lives of millions of people.

Get Ready to Run for Office in 2016

We want you on the ballot in 2016 and now is your time to start crafting your political campaign plan! Learn the steps you need to take now to get ready for your 2016 candidacy. 

The Big 4: The Ins and Outs of Local Government

The 2nd most frequent question we get is about the elected office itself. Don't worry, we got you covered with four new trainings that cover the ins and outs of local government.

Plate to Politics: Changing the Food System

Sustainability in our food system is an issue at the local, national and international level. This guided web clinic will introduce you to three women who are making the food system more sustainable, and find out what they would do differently if they had it to do all over again!