Big 4 E-Book: The Ins & Outs of Local Government

The 2nd* most frequent question we get at VoteRunLead is about the elected office itself. With our busy lives and lack of civics in schools, we find ourselves in the dark about what local government / local elected offices actually do everyday. Generally, what spurs women to become involved…

Getting Your Message Out to Voters

As a woman running for office, it’s important that the message you’re sharing with the media and your community is powerful and resonates with the right audience. It’s vital that the conversations you create enable you to inform, educate, and connect with them. Learn how to craft your messaging platform.

Get Ready to Run for Office in 2016

We want you on the ballot in 2016 and now is your time to start crafting your political campaign plan! Learn the steps you need to take now to get ready for your 2016 candidacy. 

How to Create a Support System When you Run for Office

Latina's are incredibly powerful with vast, diverse networks and deep roots in their communities. This web clinic walks you through how to turn your social and professional networks into support systems when you run for office. You’ll be surprised by the resources you already have.

Latinas Who Are Governing and Campaigning for Higher Office

Aimed at current elected officials or community leaders who are ready for more, this session walks you through the difference between campaigning and governing and how to serve one position well, while you seek another.

GOTV: Voter Registration & Mobilization with Ilhan Omar

GOTV stands for Getting Out The Vote for voter participation, and it is the very basis of our democracy. We want everyone’s voice heard and that begins by voting. We walk you through exactly how to execute a creative and strategic GOTV plan for your campaign. As…

How to Run for Office: Mentoring & The Power of Your Network

Figuring out the rules of running for office can be daunting. Learn from our amazing partner, LatinasRepresent, and political strategist Joelle Martinez how to find a mentor and make the most of your mentoring relationship.

Your Stump Speech

Why are you running for office? You must know the answer! Learn how to write your stump speech, build your brand and convey your values to voters.

How to Launch Women into Political Leadership

Erin Vilardi and Jehmu Greene of VoteRunLead (VRL) are moving thousands of women toward political leadership and public life. VRL, a U.S.-based nongovernmental organization, has trained more than 16,000 women over the last 10 years and is now leveraging technology to reach millions more.

The Power of Losing an Election

Research tells us that women don’t run again after experiencing defeat but these two dynamic leaders, Megan Rath, Congressional Candidate, PA- 1, and Rebecca Thompson, Candidate for Michigan State Representative, are wielding their new-found influence, sharing key lessons, and not looking back.