Women of Color

Answering Tough Questions & Breaking Stereotypes (Overcoming -isms)

Sometimes you just have to tell it like it is. Hear from former Nevada assemblywoman and former Lt. Governor candidate, Lucy Flores, about how she tackled tough conversations with colleagues, created trust with new donors, or called out racism and sexism in office and in her campaign.

Meet Anab Dahir: Mom, Immigrant, Community Organizer, Change Maker

Video by our good friends over at SeeJaneDo In November 2014, Anab Dahir joined over 300 other women in Minneapolis, MN, at National Go Run 2014.  Originally from Somali, Dahir moved to…

Latinas in Leadership: How to Create a Support Network When You Run

This web clinic will help walk you through how to turn your social and professional networks into support systems when you run for office. You’ll be surprised by the resources you already have!

GOTV: Voter Registration & Mobilization with Ilhan Omar

GOTV stands for Getting Out The Vote for voter participation, and it is the very basis of our democracy. We want everyone’s voice heard and that begins by voting. We walk you through exactly how to execute a creative and strategic GOTV plan for your campaign. As…

How to Run for Office: Mentoring & The Power of Your Network

Figuring out the rules of running for office can be daunting. Learn from our amazing partner, LatinasRepresent, and political strategist Joelle Martinez how to find a mentor and make the most of your mentoring relationship.

Latinas in Leadership: Vocalizing Your Ambition

We know that our communities, states, and country will be stronger with your voice at the table. It can be intimidating, but we’re here to help you speak up and pursue your ambitions. Hear how Colorado State Representative and Majority Leader Crisanta Duran realized her dream and became an elected official.

Latina’s in Leadership Election Analysis: The Impact & How To Increase Power?

Professor Anna Sampaio and Professor Shauna Shames cover the impact if Latino/a voters of the 2014 election, and discuss the outcomes of Latina candidates' races, and chart implications for the future.

Latinas in Leadership Your Campaign Starts Today. Get ready to run in 2016

Jennifer Godinez, VoteRunLead Trainer and Executive Director of Minnesota Minority Education Partnership, has worked on countless local campaigns for Latinos/as and will share the ins and outs of campaigning. Learn strategies for effective voter engagement & fundraising, and start planning to be on…

“I Was the One We Were Waiting For”

Florida State Senator Anitere Flores and Wisconsin State Representative JoCasta Zamarippa are two dynamic leaders reshaping what it means to be a Latina in power.

Why Are You Running For Office? (worksheet)

Why are you running for office? (or Why do you want to lead?) The Why Am I Running Worksheet will be used to inform your stump speech and responses to questions. It is a worksheet for YOU and not to be presented in…